Why Use Outsourced Sales?

 Because it makes good business sense!

  • Cost-Effective

Since independent representatives are paid on commission, we are compensated only after generating sales.  Also, the cost of ever-increasing healthcare and travel expenses are absorbed by the sales agency, not the manufacturer.  This is not the case with direct salespeople, where the salary, benefit and travel costs are incurred regardless of whether or not they generate profitable sales.

  • Responsiveness

Our independent representatives live within the territory they cover, which enables them to be more responsive when problems occur in the field.

  • Customer-Focused

Independent representatives offer a more complete package of products, which saves the customer valuable time and effort by having only one factory contact for several product lines.

By utilizing the expertise of independent representatives, manufacturers can reduce or eliminate many of the typical costs associated with an outside sales force, have more consistent and personal contact with customers, and can make the company more profitable.